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Hi, I'm H├ęctor, a Software Engineer with passion for web development.

Welcome to my website, a personal place where you can read my experiences while I learn new stuff. I'm currently learning Go, Elixir, and how to be a better Front-End dev.

Right now, working at Clip.

const whoami = {
name: 'Hector Aldair Aguilar',
alias: 'bitbyte',
website: 'https://bitbyte.blog',
ocuppation: 'Software Enginner at Clip',
languages: ['Javascript', 'Typescript', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'Python'],
frameworks: ['React', 'Vue', 'Next.js'],
interest: ['Web Development', 'Open Source', 'Linguistics', 'Gym']
learning: ['Go', 'Elixir', 'Rust', 'Esperanton']