Hello, world! This is my first post ever made on this new site.

This is the place where I'm going to write about my life, my work, and my hobbies. The things that I want to save in a secure place instead of my head.

Why am I making this website and not using some other tool like medium? Well, the first reason is... I don't know how to make a website so I'm making this one.

The second reason is that I want control over the content of my posts and something very simple. I don't want paywalls, ads, etc. It's just a blog, not a new NTF collection.

Well, maybe I'll add some ads in the future. That's a bad joke please ignore it.

The next post will be about how I'm making this website and the resources I'm using.

But if you're a little impatient, you can check out this Github repo

I'm using Eleventy btw.

Quote of the day: You need to finish your shit before you start your next one. - IDK