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As I mentioned before here on my blog, one of my goals of new years eve is to learn more about back-end development to [[Be a better Front-End Dev]].

At my job, I already tried some back-end stuff with some languages:

  1. Node.js aka Javascript
  2. Python
  3. Java... ewww

The first path that I take was using Node.js, the decision was very easy to me. I already knew [[Javascript]], so touching some AWS Lambdas and Micro-Services at my Job wasn't every hard to follow and to commit something to production.

It is fine (I guess) but I wanted to learn other thing more that Javascript to expand my horizons.

Later on, I started to work with Python, that is not completely new for me. In some point of my early dev career, I tried Flask to develop a simple REST API. It was very fun but not so much appealing for me to keep me in that way of back-end development.

Thank god that the projects that I've been working at my job are very well designed and with good project structure. Even the test are very simple straightforward to follow. Committing a new feature for production? GG izi.

Python is fun, I enjoyed PyTest so much, even more than some unit test tools in Javascript, but at the end of the day I think that I need to learn some REAL back-end language.

The "REAL" word that I use before it refers better to "learn a compiled language" or some "blazingly fast language". Don't be so judgy, please.

So Go was on my eye for a while. I watched a lot of videos about on Youtube and gives me a lot of good impressions:

  1. The syntax is very well designed and elegant
  2. It is compiled language (blazingly fast)
  3. Strongly type
  4. Good documentation
  5. High employability
  6. Fun

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I highly recommend to check to official documentation first. It's every well written, almost well enough as the Elixir documentation chef kiss emoji.

Next, you can GO (get it? hahaha :c ) to this next resources:

  1. Go in Exercism: This is my first option when I need to learn some new programming language
  2. Boot.dev Go Course: Very fun and easy to follow
  3. 100 Go Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: This is fucking great and very useful when you want to make the things right.
  4. Gophercises : Imagine a gym but for learning Go, that's right.

Later on I started to building something for and by myself. I'm working in a very simple CLI program to publish my Obsidian notes here on the blog and a Pokemon project... shhh is secret for now.

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I'm very new to Go so I can't offer new ways for learning it, what I can offer you is a very well respected Youtube channels to continue with your journey

  1. Bashbunni
  2. Anthony GG
  3. Go Simplified
  4. Should you learn Go in 2023?

Good luck!